Meeting Agenda

 Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League
Date: August 6, 2018 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Sports Basement
 San Francisco, CA 94103




1)    Call to order 

2)    Roll Call 

3)    Acceptance of minutes from previous meeting 

4)    Committee Reports

a) Executive Committee

i) President – Angela Bailey

ii) First Vice President of Disciplinary Matters Pro Tem – Susan Hopkins

iii) Vice President of Scheduling – Anna-Marie Blin

iv) Vice President of Referees – Corinne Moya

v) Vice President of Fields – Paige Graff 

vi) Vice President of New Players and New Teams – Alicia Yanow

vii)   Treasurer – Nina Gann 

viii)  Secretary – Rima Mori


b) Member at Large, CSAN Representative – Corinne Moya

5) Special Topics

a) None

6) Set next meeting date

7) Adjournment 

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