Accident Insurance Claim Instructions

The $21 you pay for your player pass also includes accident insurance for up to $5,000 in case you get hurt at a GGWSL game or a GGWSL team's practice. For a game or practice injury, this is your primary insurance if you currently have no other insurance, or it is your secondary insurance if you do carry insurance now.

Accident Insurance Claims: Instructions on How to File a Claim and Insurance Claim Form

Go to www.usasa.com

To download instructions on how to file a claim, go to the INSURANCE tab, click on 'How to File a Claim'.  Choose English or Español.

To download the USASA Special Risk Accident Claim Form , go to the DOWNLOADS tab, click on Administration and choose the USASA Special Risk Accident Claim Form.

The claim form requires a  Signature of State verification officer ,  This is a CSAN officer.  The form must be sent to CSAN for review and signature.

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