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GGWSL has Open and Over-35 divisions in the Fall and Spring seasons. Fall season starts the weekend after Labor Day. Spring season starts the first weekend of March. Each team typically gets 10 games depending on the size of the division, although the season may be longer than 10 weeks due to holidays, rainouts, reschedules, or byes. Our Open divisions play on Saturdays, while our Over-35 divisions play on Sundays.

Which division is right for me?

GGWSL currently has 4 Open divisions (Premier, D1, D2, D3) and 2 Over-35 divisions (upper and lower). Although there are exceptions to every generalization, the average Premier player is advanced (currently plays at a college level equivalent), D1 is advanced intermediate (formerly played at a college level equivalent), D2 is intermediate (played at a high school level equivalent), and D3 is beginner to lower intermediate (learning to play soccer or have developed some skill). Note that we generally have promotion and relegation at the end of each season, so a team's division is somewhat determined by how they performed the previous season.

How do I join a team?
  • Fill out our New Player Form, and our VP of New Players and Teams, Alicia, will add you to our free agent list, which team managers and captains look at to recruit players. Alicia also does some matchmaking to suggest teams that might be a good fit based on your soccer experience and what the teams seek. You can also email her at vpnewplayers@ggwsl.org if you have any questions about joining a team.

  • You can also be proactive, look at the individual teams’ pages directly, and contact the teams whose descriptions sound like a good fit. You can look at the current team list and find teams by division. Or you can look at the team recruitment page and email the team contact.

How much does it cost?

We charge teams a league fee, and it’s up to the team to determine the cost per player. The league fee is $1850/team, except for premier teams, which are $1950/team. This can depend on various factors, such as the number of players on the roster, whether the team has practices (and has to pay for practice fields), team equipment, etc. As a reference point, a non-premier team with a 22-person roster with weekly practices in San Francisco gives players jerseys and socks to keep charges about $110/player per season. Team contacts will be able to provide more details.

Where are games played?

We play in San Francisco, East Bay, and North Bay. Each team designates its home region (regions are listed as SF, EB, or NB on the team pages and team recruitment page), and we aim to have at least half their games be in their home region. This means it also depends on the other teams in the division. So theoretically, if you end up on a team in a division where all teams have SF as their home region unless we run into unforeseen issues with field bookings or schedule, all your games will be in SF. Note that teams within a division change, as we have promotion and relegation at the end of each season.

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