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Getting your new team signed up to play in GGWSL!

GGWSL welcomes new teams to join our fabulous league!

Please contact the VP, New Players & Teams (vpnewplayers@ggwsl.org) to get the details and procedures on how to get your new team ready to start playing in an upcoming season!


Information for new teams


  • Teams should have at least 15 to 20 committed players. 
    • You can have up to 27 players on your roster but can only 18 can suit up each game.
  • Decide which area you would like to designate as your home
    • San Francisco
    • East Bay
    • North Bay
  • Half of your games will be held in your home area.  The other half of your games will be held at your opponent's home fields.
  • Additional decisions your team needs to make
    • What is your team name?
    • What is your team jersey color?
      • Your team can be any color you want but please make sure to have home whites (or pinnies).
    • Do you want weekly practices?
  • GGWSL team fees are approximately $1650 per team per season (as of Spring 2022). 
  • The Spring season
    • Starts in early March and ends in June. 
  • The Fall season
    • Starts the weekend after Labor Day and usually ends in late November/early December.
  • Think about what skill level your team should compete. 
    • Your team can start in the 3rd division (for OPEN) or challenge into a specific division.  You can speak with the VP, New Players & Teams to determine what works best for your team.

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